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that's the sound of car insurance compani these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it.
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so, what if instead of just a cheap choice, you could make a smart choice? like, esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. it's what they've always done. not just something they cheap about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. >> geraldo: live and at large, an intense controversy. more than a fewwise cracks. >> the pentagon has decided to allow women to serve in combat. [cheers and applause] the hope is that we can now finally defeat the taliban by giving them the silent treatment. >> geraldo: tonight, what
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happens to already stressed-out military families at home when infidelity and sex assaults are added to the dangers of combat duty overseas? plus: >> our wake gun laws allow these mass killings to be carried out again and again and again in our country. >> geraldo: a demo today in d.c. keeps the pressure on for gun control. but also today, at 51 gun shows in 26 states, gun owners pushed back and buy up. >> 100 million-plus gun owners in america are feeling put upon, like we are scapegoated for the acts of a psychopathic killer in newtown, connecticut. >> reporter: tonight, exclusive, inside the gun show loophole. and... judging jodi. >> you said you knew her. you see that photograph? >> yeah. >> do you know who that is? >> it looks like jodi. >> do you know anything about that? >> no.
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>> how about exhibit number 164? who does that look like to you? >> like jodi. >> know anything about that? aspect of her life? >> no. >> geraldo: almost everybody said she did it. but tonight... >> very quiet, soft spoken, gentle person. >> geraldo: what made jodi the ripper? and she's young and gorgeous, but can kate sell cars? tonight, a woman who's done some sexy sales work of her own, jillian barbari on the super ads and news from the super bowl. and exclusive... the bengals cheerleader who sued for slander and got caught with a kid. >> i didn't think we could win. but i felt obligated to make the
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effort. >> geraldo: and the progressive president throws down the gauntlet. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law and the trive striving hopeful immigrant who is still see america as a land of opportunity, until all of our childrens, from the streets of detroit to the quiet lanes of newtown know that they are cared for and cherished and always safe from harm. >> reporter: how should republicans react? >> the way he tells it, it's the president and only the president who is trying to fix our bridges, to feed our children, to care for our seniors, to clean our water. frankly, he must be exhausted. [chuckles] >> i know we are. >> geraldo: hi, everybody, that's paul ryan at the national review summit. the congressman and former
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vice-presidential candidate trying to cheer up republicans looking to pick a lane. here with his best advice on whether they should make love or war is the editor of the weekly standard, frequent guest on my radio show, bill kristol is here. how are you? >> fine. how are you. >> geraldo: you had paul ryan there, very charming. he voted with john boehner on the fiscal cliff negotiation indicating that maybe he is in the conciliatory wing of the republican party. how do you figure? >> well, paul ryan was there. i was at that conference this morning. one of the best things, one of the most cheered up, the attendees the most was seeing one young star after another, ted cruz, the new republican senator from texas, tom cotton, congressman from arkansas and there are a lot of young, attractive, interesting conservatives and they don't agree on everything. i think there is a lot of internal debate going on -- i know there is a lot of internal
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debate and public debate at the conference. what do have you to compromise on? where do you have to drought lines and fight? i thought it was healthy. they are not in the fetal position, could youering or lashing out. they are trying to think about how to fight president obama, where to compromise, and hoto develop their own positive governing agenda, going forward. >> >> geraldo: president obama will be appearing with hillary clinton tomorrow on "60 minutes." >> a few years ago, it would have been seen as improbable because we had that very long, hard primary campaign. but, you know, i have gone around the world on behalf of the president and our country. one of the things that i say to people because i think it helps them understand, i say, look, in politics and in democracy, sometimes you win elections, sometimes you lose elections. i worked very hard. but i lost and then president obama asked me to be secretary
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of state. and i said yes. >> geraldo: what do you figure, bill kristol -- that appearance as president obama tilting toward hillary in 2016? or just thanking her for her hard work on behalf of his administration? >> i think tharching her, it's nice to see them, you know, tig the bow on four years of working together. but look, the cold judgment's going to be about whether the foreign and international security policies have worked. what the withdrawal from afghanistan is going to mean. how things are going in north africa, cuts in the defense budget. women in combat. the president's doing a lot in the foreign defense policy. in his first term, he was more moderate, he stayed in the center, he kept bob gates and general petraeus and leon panet a. now he has a doveish agend a. hillary clinton he was more hawkish than john kerry will be. i am worried personally for four years of the new obama team in
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national security. >> reporter: >> geraldo: you know, in that regard, i don't want to be a conspiracy theororrist, but let's review this week, on wednesday, he had hillary clinton, absolutely on the ropes, getting pounded over benghazi-gate, showing sound bites from the senators, grilling her, particular loo ron johnson from wisconsin. the very next day, you have the pentagon announcing that women will be in combat roles on the front line. nobody's talking about benghazi. they are talking about j.-- g.i. jane. is the obama administration that slick to erase the benghazi controversy by playing a card that doesn't even take effect until 2016? >> yeah, i don't think so. i mean, i don't think it's going to do much good. these things will be judged on the merits. it is the obama administration policy, is al qaeda decimated, is al qaeda on the run? or is there a resurgence in north africa? is it working?
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the fail tower engage in libya and the total failure in syria, way behind the french in mali. how is that working out? i think the approximately policies will be judged on the substance on benghazi. and the women in combat infantry, that's one of those things, i think the elites in washington, including republican senators are very timid about taking that on because of the war on women stuff and the 2012 campaign. they don't want to look retrograde or reactionary. i wrote about it today, saying, expressing deep skepticism about it. i think it's really a bad idea. i mean, 40 kids in a combat outpost, 38 of them, guys, two girls. how's that going to work out in terms a million things. it's bad in so many ways i think. i think it makes the military's already difficult job so much more difficult. for what good? it is not like there is a huge demand for this. they have been elquant to say that the women who served in the marine corps and elsewhere --
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anyway, what struck me was the reaction at the weekly standard, huge numbers of emails from soldier, marines, relatives and families of soldiers and marines and others in the military and concerned citizens, a love people who have served in the past. i think it will bubble up. the elites will be timid. but i think there will be a big backlash against the social engineering, which seems arbitrary and based on the abstract noagdz that erch should have the same opportunity to every position in the u.s. government. but in practice, just puts incredible burdens on the young men and the young women, actually serving our country. >> geraldo: you know, i have seen a lot of combat. i will tell you, it's a terrible idea. you will have sex assault problems. it is going to metastasize. you will have real stress on the military families. i think with infidelity and all the rest. it is absolutely tential. i have to leave it -- it is absolutely terrible. i have to leave it there.
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>> be well. >> geraldo: looking for the gun loophole. jillian barbari at the pro bowl and the bengals cheerleader and school teacher who had the affair with her student is speaking out, the day after a hung jury in her defamation case. back in a flash. my insurance rates e probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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>> in an exclusive, for the first time in its history, our cameras were allowed unfettered access instead the costa mesa, california, gun hoe show, one of the country's biggest and most popular, brisk business and strong opinions. >> that's what the seconds amendment was written, so it is government couldn't get so powerful. what they are doing righted now, they are taking our rights away, chipping away, little bit by little bit by little bit.
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>> reporter: 51 gun shows in 26 states. and like bob templeton's crossroads of the west gun show, they are expecting record attendance. 20,000 people braved the rare foul weather here in costa mesa, california, to scoop up whatever ammo and guns they can, fearing for the restrictions. >> the 100 million plus americans are feeling scapegoated for the acts of a psychopathic killener newtown, connecticut. >> reporter: after avoiding the issue his entire first term, the president post newtown massacre campaign has gained momentum, celebrities and survives have vowed to fight the powerful gun lobby and convince skeptics that gun control makes america safer. >> it's our right. it's crazy that we have been in this country 200 years, plus and now the president's trying to
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take away our right to bear arms. >> they are coming in here, you can look, they are carrying trolleys, radio flyers, carts. we are coming in here, getting lots and lots of ammo. a major concern is if they will have lists. they are scared of big government. >> we are told to expect over 20,000 people at this show. people are trying to stock up on everything they can, as far as ammo and buy assault rifles while they can or 30-round mag zebs while they can. >> geraldo: so far, all they have done is drive up prices. this woman has been attending gun shows with her family since she was 5 years old. as one of 1500 vendors, she is astounded. >> people are gouging prices. so you have to get it while you can. >> reporter: what's your response, you are a mom... it was a massacre of young children that caused all of this reaction to the gun control advocates. what's your feeling about it?
10:17 pm
>> i think we need better mental health care and better background check, definitely. getting rid of the loopholes, fine with me. >> geraldo: since the mass shootings in newtown, connecticut, gun control advocates have been pushing for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity clips and better background checks at gun shows like this one. but the people who run this gun show in california say most of the restrictions are already in place. >> we don't have so-called assault rifles or military-style semi-automatics here. they have been been banned. individuals here must go through a background check. president obama is asking for it nationally. it works in california, but tell not work nationally. >> geraldo: to show he had nothing to hide and dispel misconceptions about the loophole, templeton gave us exclusive access. at one point, citing a survey of prison inmates that claimed while 12% got their weapons from
10:18 pm
gun store, only 2% got them at gun shows. >> i think myself and a lot of other gun openers feel like the incremental incursions are part of a plan to deprive us of our lawful ownership of firearms. >> geraldo: vice-president biden has come to you for advice to stop the violence. what did you tell him? >> let's strengthen the existing laws, if we can't enforce the old one. >> geraldo: this former marine has all the guns and ammo he heeds, but sees it as a final opportunity to prepare for the worst. >> if my stuff is stashed away. >> geraldo: you are set. >> i have been preparing for 10 years. >> reporter: hopefully, as a vet, you don't need it. >> you never know. >> >> reporter: there are only six states, including california that require background checks on everyone who bias a gun, whatever they buy it, whomever they buy it from.
10:19 pm
33 states have done absolutely to close the so-called gun show loophole. here's how the loophole works. you have an assault rifle, an ar-15, you want to sell, you post a sign that says private sale, as a private party who plans not to sell as a business, you are exempt from the background check requirement whatsoever, you can sell that rifle to anyone you want to. >> geraldo: 33 states, charles manson could buy t. if gun control advocates accomplish anything, it's going to be closing that gun show loophole in those 33 states. that may be the only -- the only thing they do achieve. okay, thank you, craig. coming up next, the lovely and talented jillian barbari on the price of super bowl ads and whether or not kate can convince us to buy a a a a a [ truck beeping ]
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[laughter] >> geraldo: baltimore ravens head coach, john harbaugh, pranking his parents, claiming they like his brother, 49er head coach jim harbra better. will the fact that it's the first brother bowl super bowl make at this time best ever? what does jillian barbari say isn't recently bikini model from los angeles. hi, how are you? >> geraldo, you by you were going to pick on me about that. i'm awesome. i love that it's a family thing this year. i think it is going to be so much fun. i was reading on the bleacher
10:24 pm
report and they were talking about how the parents love to hang out with them and the father's been involved, jack, in the coaching. but they stay back when all of this is going down because, you know, it's one of those things, one's going to lose. you know, how do you console? they had a game -- i think it was last year and the mother... didn't even speak the entire game. jackie. and the father went into the 49ers, i believe they had lost and he said it was very sad and very quiet. of course, the ravens were celebrating. so he said he felt like he needed to be with the losing son. >> geraldo: you have been there at the weather girl, the color commentator, what are your duarteies if you nitrisystem? what do do you? >> well, yes. you will see teri will be in a bikini -- that will be interesting. actually, it's just like a tiny -- >> geraldo: take an ice pick to my eye when you said that. >> they're bleeding.
10:25 pm
no, i am going this year. i have done three super bowls with the nfl pregame guys. ironically, one of them was in new orleans. so i am going to be back. i am so excited to be back. i will see dan. dan, of course, is going to be hosting this year. we will do a nutrisystem tour. you know what happens? you would love it! the victoria's secret girls come down and they throw a shin dig, there is a lot of booze and hangers-on and scantily clad women -- and oh, yeah, there is a football game on sunday. >> reporter: >> geraldo: oh that. you talk about scantily clad, georgeous women. and kate hudson is getting the buzz with the mercedes, it's $4 million for a 30-second spot. do you think this is worth it? worth it in terms of business? >> oh, geraldo. sex sells. does she come with the car?
10:26 pm
that's what i want to know. it is what it is. you like the german engineered cars or you are going to buy american. it's a financial thing, as well. does it help? i don't know that they will see sales go up. but she's nice to look at and everyone likes to look at gorgeous women. it's football and it's just going hand in hand. i love the commercials. >> geraldo: it's so expensive. this thing. i read that one of the suites for 32 guests is half a million bucks. i mean, that's just to watch the game and everything else. the money is thrown around like nuts. does it? >> for that kind of money, kate upton better be serving me beer -- in my dreams. >> geraldo: really. >> exactly. i need a massage. a little lower! it used to be that the classes, everyone felt like they could be a piece or a part of this thing. it's just so separate now. it's like the really rich are still really rich. and the people that don't have
10:27 pm
that... could never afford that. it's insane. but, you know, it is what it is. i could never afford one of those suites. but i have been on the sidelines. so i have been fortunate. >> geraldo: are they going to lend roger goodall, that's the home of the saints, new orleans, they lost their head coach, peyton because of the bounty scandal... are they going to jeer or -- i know they -- they had him in effigy in the parades. >> they are not happy with him. you know his wife, jane skinner, she used to work at fox. i would not go to the game with him -- >> geraldo: you wouldn't go at all. i'm out of time. sory. okay. okay. up next, as you can see,s customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. one of the nation's most powerful lawmakers calling it quits. iowa senator tom harkin will not seek reelection in two years. he says age is part lay factor in the decision. senator harkin has played a major political role for decades helping to craft land mark laws such as the 1990 americans with disabilities act and a top pusher for obama care. and casey anthony filed for bankruptcy in florida. she is down to her last $1,100
10:32 pm
and it owes nearly $800,000. most to her defense attorney. she was acquitted of killing her daughter in 2011. the filing kale on the same day that an appeals court overturned two of the four convictions she faced for lying to detectives. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." >> we couldn't come do an agreement on it. i mean, it was 9-1. one guy wouldn't give. >> the hangup was everyone couldn't get past her criminal side of her life. which really had nothing to do with this case. and there was a couple that couldn't get beyond that she had lied. >> geraldo: on friday, a federal judge declared a mistrial in the defamation suit filed by sarah jones, the former cincinnati bengals cheerleader who sued a
10:33 pm
web site that claimed falsely that she had sex with everybody on the football team and also a false claim that she got a couple of sexually transmitted diseases, from her ex-husband, who the post said slept with 50 other women. while everyone agreed that sarah jones was smeared by the web site, the dirty dot-com web site, they could not decide because one juror couldn't get past the fact that sarah was a high school teacher at the time, was later busted for having sex with one of her underaged students, a 17-year-old kid. she is still dating. before we hear from sarah live, herself, her attorney is here. he fought the good fight for sarah jones. eric's with us from since natedy. counselor, i thought huit won when you reminded the jury that the defamation happened two
10:34 pm
years before she had the affair approximate got in trouble criminally for having the relationship with the minor, but it doesn't work out. why? why do you think the jury got snagged? >> well, the bottom line was, they had a problem with the malice part of it, from the original posting. but the great news is, as most people thought, based upon what happened with the high school teacher incident that we had no chance whatsoever. as that one juror pointed out, the vote was 8-2, according to the foreman, but it makes no difference. this is not a loss, you know, being a lawyer, a retrail's a retrial, which means we got another shot at it. based on the information we got from the foreman and another juror, i am extremely confident we will win a retrial. but edits, he makes his own comment, it is not like facebook or yahoo. this is a guy who dishes dirt.
10:35 pm
he solicits dirt and he does local celebrities in your hometown, on 50 cities across america. and he is a scuse ball. the bottom line is, he is hurting right now. we are going to finish him off at the retrial. >> geraldo: okay, your clant is here right now. >> we hoped to have her in the studio, but i am pleased, sarah, you are on the telephone. how disappointed are you, sarah? >> caller: you know, it's overwhelming, the entire situation has been overwhelming. but i am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. that's all i can hope for, that this will be behind me soon >> geraldo: now, you feel wronged, don't you? >> caller: absolutely. what happened, regardless of the criminal case. what he did was wrong. this is much bigger than me. this is on a huge scale that he does this to people. and he hurts people for entertainment and for business. he makes money off other people's downfall. somebody has to put a stop to
10:36 pm
it. it takes a lot of courage to stand up to somebody, one person to stand up to a web site, an army going after you. you know, it's difficult to do. but somebody's got to do it. >> geraldo: you know, the two jurors, eric tells us, there were two juror who is would not rule in your favor. they felt that you could not be slandered because your character was slrd tarnished, besmimpd by the fact that you had this affair with a teenager, your student and had to plead guilty to a crime as a result of that? >> caller: people don't understand is, we are suing for a specific amount of time. the events that happened way before february, 2011. i was posted on the web site, october 27, 2009, because i messed up, two, three years down the road doesn't mean what he did can be excused. granted, i messed up. i admit that. but my criminal case was over.
10:37 pm
>> geraldo: are you still with the young man? >> caller: no. part of my plea was that i had my teacher's license be dismissed, which was devastating. but i am currently dating a student of mine -- he wasn't my student. he was a long-time friend. but we are still together. i am working with my lawyer and working through a criminal defense and hopefully going to law school in august. >> you would be excellent. eric, you can make sarah jones your associate. >> i am going to tell you, she has a job waiting for her. it is phenomenal, what a great paralegal and secretary she is. she worked on her own case. she has worked on other cases. she will be an outstanding lawyer. >> geraldo: we are joined by a woman who wanted to be known by her first name, heidi. heidi claims to be the mitmisstress of a hall of fame
10:38 pm
baseball player. heidi tells us she was also smeared by the web site. so, heidi, i guess you don't want to tell us who the baseball player is. what did they say about you or do to you that you feel is actionable? >> right. basically, what happened to me, i was reversed reversed from sa. someone else posted things about sarah. i submitted something to the unfortunately, nick richy and his staff took it out of context. hathey told me they were going to do, they did not do. they posted names and photose. i told them to take it down. i was supposed to be able to approve what they posted. they didn't let me do t. it got out of control. some of my personal information ended up on there, photose ended up on there. again, i felt that nick wanted it for his personal gain. that he wanted to get the traffic on his web site. he wanted his name to get out
10:39 pm
there because he told me, as soon as he put the post up, everybody baseball player called me and they want to be my friend so i don't do it to them. so mine's reversed. but i know that nick does his own posts. >> geraldo: enough about nick. is it true that the lawyer for the baseball player was at sarah jones' try trial and trying to chase you so you didn't reveal the name of the baseball player? what was going on there? >> he contacted me and was offering me what he could do so i didn't reveal the name. i told him i wanted nothing from himg. i don't want anything from him. then he went down to the courthouse and was harassing mr. deeders, totally unprofessional, totally unethical. i advised him i had an attorney and he needed to talk to my attorney -- >> geraldo: heidi. eric, would you call heidi as a witness in a retrial? >> absolutely. the problem in this case is heidi came to us too late to use
10:40 pm
her. but absolutely. heidi is going to be a great witness because what they tried to do with heidi is extortion. so we are going to be able to show that nik ritchie takes dirt and extorts people for it. >> geraldo: cincinnati will be realing. all kinds of stuff happening there. sarah, so -- back to you, sarah, listen, i want justice to be done. they did defame you for those two years when your character was intact, until you screwed up. but i hope you make the best of your life and i hope appreciate you being on the program. is not the only site being sued. is far more reputable, but the dating giant sets a las vegas woman up with a psycho, who tried to kill her. this is the same guy who
10:41 pm
succeeded in killing another woman he met through, mary kay is her name. her story's next.'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work.
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one in five relationships now begin in an online dating site. when it comes to meeting someone great online, there is only one place that's great to go. we have hed well to more date, more relationships and more marriages than any other site. >> geraldo: one in five relationships start online. that's incredible. this is a prime time alert o. friday, this businesswoman, mother of two, filed a massive, $10 million lawsuit against for setting her up with a psycho, who tried to kill her with a butcher knife while she was in the hospital, recovering from massive injuries, the same man killed an arizona woman -- he had also met on we are joined by mary kay beckman and her attorney, from las vegas. welcome, both of you. so, mary kay, what happened? you started with this fellow and then decided that -- it wasn't happening? and you give him the heave-ho, what happened? >> yes. i met the manouple of different
10:46 pm
dates. i realized that, like you said, he wasn't the one. and had not seen or heard from him since october 7 of 2010. >> geraldo: then what happened on the night of the assault? >> he broke into my garage, on january 21, 2011. and basically, he told the police that he wasn't there to hurt me, he was there to kill me. >> geraldo: what were your wounds, mary kay? >> he stabbed me 10 times. eight on my body and face and two in my head. the knife broke and then he proceeded to stomp on the side of my head with his foot until the gurgling sounds and he thought i was dead. >> geraldo: that's an incredible, horrible story. why was he free to then kill the arizona woman? >> i didn't remember anything of the attack. and so then after he -- he stole
10:47 pm
my purse and fled, again, believing that i was dead. and he then went to phoenix. my family didn't know -- police didn't know who to go after. i didn't remember the attack. >> geraldo: that's incredible. incredible story. i hope you are doing okay now. mark, what is's responsibility? how much of a background check are they required to do for the men or women who go on the site? >> well, right now, they are doing nothing in the way of background checks. what happens is, geraldo, the women and men are lulled into a false sense of security that is a reputable site. they do nothing to protect individuals who join their web site. my client said she would have never considered online dating but for the advertising that showed a lovely couple, one in five end up married... this is
10:48 pm
mis-advertising has let people who would otherwise not run the risk of getting married or meeting each other to attempt to get married, to try it. in mary kay's case, she tempted fate and went on and as a result, she nearly was murdered. unfortunately, a girl in arizona, less than a month later, like you said, was in fact murdered. it was a match that had put that girl together with also. >> geraldo: that's a terrible story, mary kay. have you lost faith -- do you wonder about your naivete? do you ags other women about the web site matchups? >> absolutely, all the time. as i tell people my story, they share different things that have happened to them in the past. it frightens me that the men and women and children that are getting online and dating and the teenagers and... what can happen, you know,
10:49 pm
people are missing because they have met someone online. it frightens me, the safety -- and it's not there for everybody on that site. >> geraldo: you know, mark, they are going to say, it's not our job. it's the client's job to do the background checks, not ours. >> right. but much like alcohol commercials have to say drink and drive responsibly and also cigarette companies have to provide warnings, cigarette companies can't advertise on television because it's so dangerous to smoke. but advertises pretty boldly that one in five get married and there is really no risk to associate with people that have you never met or had any background information on. what we are hoping to accomplish is that they are obligated to put some disclaimer at the bottom like after a beer commercial that says drink responsibly because maybe some woman or man will hesitate before getting thoamz killed. >> geraldo: good advice.
10:50 pm
$10 million lawsuit. good luck on the rest of your life, however the lawsuit turns out. mark, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> geraldo: the prosecution has rested in the captivating murder trial of jodi arias. the sweet and gentle-looking woman accused of the brutal murder of had he her friend -- e they established her guilt? will arizona seek to put her to death? my next guest knows jody and will tell us why they threw her out of their
10:51 pm
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>> you issue going to continue to tell me you did not do this. >> i didn't kill travis. if i was going to kill him, i
10:54 pm
would make it quick or something. >> is that how you want to leave it? you want to stop here and that's how you want to leave it? >> i know that i didn't take travis' life. i know -- >> i know you did. >> i know you don't believe me. >> i don't believe you. >> geraldo: on the one hand, you have two cliches. one is, seeing is believing. and in this case, i don't think seeing is believing, if she's guilty of this brutal murder. i mean, just look at her. appearances can be deceiving, maybe that's the other cliche. when the prosecution rested in the capital murder trial of jodi arias, the defense argued that her life should be spared and it shouldn't be murder 1 wrap because the state had failed to prove premeditation. the prosecutor scoffed at that notion, pointing out that among other things, the defendant -- that pretty -- you know, sweet-looking, young lady there brought a gun and a knife to the
10:55 pm
poor man, travis alexander -- the victim's home. but what i don't understand was why she killed him so savagely. what the hell was going on in her mind, 27 knife wounds, slit throat, gunshot to the head and all the rest of it. she looks so innocent. >> like i said, appearances, obviously deceiving. what was it about jodi? what did my next guest see in her that is so disturbed them that they wanted them out of their home. jacob and holly medford are here. it wasn't your home. but what happened? describe briefly how jodi came to be thrown out of your buddy's house? >> well, jodi came over to a friend of ours' house. she showed up out of nowhere. and it was very obvious that the friend of ours, as well as us did not like jodi. she came to find out why no one liked her and kind of to plead
10:56 pm
her case. the friend of ours is very adamant about not wanting anything to do with her, wanted wanting her anywhere near travis and wanted her to leave, to get out of the house. i was in the kitchen -- this was going on in the next room. my friend want upstair, she was really upset. and jodi came into the kitchen with me and just sat there, after my friend asked her to leave, told thor get out of there. she sat at the kitchen table for 10 or 15 minutes. not talking. i didn't want to talk to her. i didn't like her, didn't want her to be there. it was really awkward. finally, she got up and she left. >> geraldo: holly, try to put your finger on it, what it was that made her so weird, so unappealing to you all? >> you know, there have been a lot of people who said she was really unappealing. to tell you the truth, there was only a handful of people that really saw right through here. a lot of people were taken in by her and she was really good at
10:57 pm
manipulating. for me, before i ever met her, there was something about her that creeped me out. she just had a weird energy. and i felt like she was one of those women that kind of wormed her way into your life and then would damage your life. so i made sure that i was never close to her, or aloud her really to be close to my husband. >> geraldo: jacob, why do you figure she killed so savagely? >> well, the thing about jodi is that she didn't like to lose. you know, if she could use her camis raand charm or sexuality to woo you in, so to speak, she was your best friend. if she couldn't win you over because you saw right through her, then she really despised her. really, i feel that travis was the trophy that she couldn't win. she tried everything she could to, you know, get into the same religion. she tried to be everything she could possibly be to win travis
10:58 pm
over completely and she couldn't do it. so finally, it was, fican't have you, nobody can. >> geraldo: both of have you no doubted in your mind but that this woman committed this brutal crime. >> no question. all of us knew it. the minute we found out that travis was dead and he had been murdered. we were like, it's joadzy. it has to be jodi. she's crazy. all of us say saw -- a lot of us saw it right from the beginning. >> geraldo: you think it will be capitol murder. would you prefer her to be put to death? >> i would, yes. for as heinous of a crime. travis was an amazing person. he was so down to earth, so funny, so loving, not any of the things she is saying. he didn't deserve to die. >> geraldo: i have to leave it there. that's it for us. thank you very much for watching. have a great w w w w w
10:59 pm

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